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The Fall rush has ended!


A Congratulations to everyone – For a Successful start to the New Year!
AASFAA Fall workshop – Are you registered?  This two day event will provide you with an abundance of information and updates.                                                                           When:  Oct 15-16   Where:  Auburn University in Montgomery.  Be sure to register today.  http://aasfaaonline.org/

Is Your AASFAA membership up to date?  We have NEW Institutional Memberships available, along with the Individual membership.  All individuals at your institution are tied to the regulations regarding Federal Aid is some manner –  Faculty, Admissions, Registrar, VP’s, etc.  All staff and faculty can benefit from being a member of AASFAA.  Do you have individuals in these areas who are not members of AASFAA? If not – would the Institutional Membership option work at your institution?  One Price, Multiple individual memberships.  Details available at

So much new information has been coming to us in the last month.   Stay in contact with IFAP  at http://ifap.ed.gov/ifap/whatsnew.jsp

Topics include …

Prior Prior Year for 2017-2018 http://ifap.ed.gov/eannouncements/091415PresidentAnnounceFAFSAFilingChanges.html

Working on the FISAP?  http://ifap.ed.gov/fisapformandinst/1617FISAPForm.html

Cohart Default Rate: http://ifap.ed.gov/eannouncements/091515FY2012CDR3YearReleaseScheduled092815.html

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